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13 09 08 The Times They Are A-Changin'


Last week on Thursday I had a big day. I reached my half century, got an iPhone and had a job interview. I was very pleased with the phone, not particularly happy about hitting 50 and unsure about the interview until yesterday. It looks like I am going to be an ICT Development officer in North Lanarkshire.
I took a wee risk with the interview, I actually got the iPhone before my big day so the night before the interview I knocked together a quick imovie for a few stills as a self advertisement and put it on the iPhone, at the is there anything else you want to tell us bit I pulled out the phone and showed the video.

John @ Sandaig from John Johnston on Vimeo.

I don't know if it helped or I got the job in spite of the movie, I'll need to enquire.

The upshot is it looks as if my life will be changing quite a bit. It has not really sunk in yet, but I know I'll miss Sandaig, staff and pupils and the school website, they have all been a big part of my life for the last 16 (or is it 17) years.

A couple of asides, vimeo quality seems better than youtube, and how amazing is twitter, when I heard about the job I tweeted and was overwhelmed by good wish tweets, thanks folks

I should probably also move and rename this blog, any ideas for a new name will be gratefully received.

well done dad :-) x x x
christine (Email) - 13 09 08 - 10:21

John fantastic news well done and congratulations! Sandaig will no doubt miss you but I am sure that North Lanarkshire schools will benefit from your inspiration and expertise – I know I have. Can’t wait to hear more about it all when I visit soon. :-)
Tom (Email) (URL) - 13 09 08 - 11:06

Congratulations John. I had heard that North Lanarkshire were interviewing for DOs. I wonder I how they can still afford them! Anyway, well done. Is it a permanent post or a fixed term one? Welcome to the world of working for a local authority and not in school. Let me know if you want a chat!
Gordon McKinlay (Email) (URL) - 13 09 08 - 15:12

Congratulations on the new post John
andywallis (Email) (URL) - 13 09 08 - 17:13

Congratulations! This sort of job is surely made for someone like you! You will bring a wealth of experience and enthusiasm…
I hope someone at Sandaig takes up the mantle…
Rich (Email) (URL) - 14 09 08 - 14:07

Well Done John – fantastic News. See you at the SLF. Ollie
OllieBray (Email) (URL) - 14 09 08 - 15:16

Well done John. I know it cannot have been an easy decision to leave the kids at Sandaig to go to pastures new, but I’m looking forward to reading about where your new job takes you!
Neil Winton (Email) (URL) - 15 09 08 - 21:24

Nice one John! See you at Teachmeet :-)
Robert Jones (Email) (URL) - 15 09 08 - 23:07

Congratulations John. As a regular visitor to your blog I think you thoroughly deserved to win the position.Good luck with the new position – I look forward to reading your posts from a new perspective.
Pam Thompson (Email) (URL) - 16 09 08 - 12:01

NorthLanarkshire have mined a diamond! Congratulations and well done!
Dorothy (Email) - 20 09 08 - 14:31

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I am no longer, as of October 2008 working as a class teacher at Sandaig, so have moved this blog to another server. If you want to comment on this post, pleas search for it at: http://www.johnjohnston.info/blog.